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If you’re a parent of a 2-year-old, you know they really want to do things by themselves. We at Baby Step Boutique believe even though it might be quicker for you to do things for them, it’s good to let them try. They might surprise you with what they can do, and they’ll feel proud when they do things on their own! 

Teaching your kids to do things on their own is important, especially when you’re busy. You can’t do everything for everyone all the time.

Here are some simple things your 2-year-old can do by themselves:
  • Peel an orange. You might need to start it for them, but it’s good for their hands! It’s like a little puzzle for them to solve, and they feel accomplished when they peel it all by themselves.

  • Peel a banana. As they get older, they can learn to cut it with a safe knife. It’s a step towards independence and they love being able to do it without help.

  • Clear their dishes from the table after eating. This helps them understand the importance of cleaning up after themselves and teaches them responsibility.

  • Comb their hair. It’s a fun activity for them and they feel like a big kid when they can do it on their own.

  • Put on their shoes. Slip-ons like Crocs are easy for little hands. They might struggle at first, but with practice, they’ll get the hang of it and feel proud of themselves.

  • Put on their underwear and pants. Elastic waistbands make this easier. It’s a step towards getting dressed independently and they love the feeling of accomplishment.

  • Buckle themselves into their booster seat/highchair at mealtimes it gives them a sense of responsibility.

  • Get on and off the potty by themselves. Potty training is a big milestone for toddlers, and being able to do it by themselves gives them a sense of independence.

  • Brush their teeth after you help them. It’s important to teach them good hygiene habits from a young age.

  • Put away their toys. It teaches them organization skills and helps them understand the importance of cleaning up after themselves.

  • Wash their hands with safe soap and a towel. They love playing with water, and washing their hands is a fun activity for them.

  • Feed the dog or pet with your help. It teaches them responsibility and helps them understand the importance of taking care of others.

  • Clean up spills calmly with a cloth. It teaches them problem-solving skills and helps them understand the importance of cleaning up messes.

  • Zip zippers on jackets, pajamas, etc. with your help as needed. It’s a fine motor skill that they need to learn

  • Pick out their cups and bowls from a low drawer in the kitchen. It teaches them independence and helps them feel like they’re contributing to the family.

  • Drink from a cup without a lid, practicing their skills. It’s a big step towards independence.

  • Carry their snacks, water, and toys in a small backpack when going out makes them feel proud when they can carry their own things.

  • Put away some of their own laundry, like underwear or socks. It teaches them responsibility and helps them understand the importance of helping out around the house.

  • Make their bed by pulling up the blanket and arranging pillows. It’s a small task, but it teaches them responsibility and helps them feel proud of themselves.
How To Handle Tough 2-Year-Old Behavior

Dealing with a 2-year-old who wants to do everything on their own can be hard. But by letting them try tasks alone, you can have smoother days with fewer tantrums—for both of you.

Encouraging your child to do things on their own helps them grow and feel responsible and confident. It might take more time and patience, but it’s worth it.

Every child learns at their own pace, so be patient and help your little one as they learn new things. Celebrate their successes, no matter how small, and give gentle help when they need it.

As your child becomes more independent, you’ll enjoy seeing them grow and learn. Embrace this journey and be proud of your child’s achievements.

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